Size Matters a “Hole” Lot

Part of the PCB fabrication method is drilling holes on the board for the pins of the components to be mounted on. This, of course, involves using a special drill to create holes of varying sizes in the board, depending on its specifications.


pcb fabricationIn the earlier times, this method was done with a machine being operated by one person and that person manually maneuvers the PCB and drills a hole in it, one at a time. Back then it was not such a tedious task but nowadays, different kinds of PCB can have up to about a thousand holes in them, often even more than that. Drilling these many holes using that old method may just be too much for that one person, especially if the PCB needs to be produced in large amounts.


Fortunately, this PCB fabrication method has become easier with better machines. There are different machines now that can drill holes at a faster rate and with extreme precision. Instead of having a person manually operate these machines, a computer takes on that role. When using an automated machine in drilling holes in the PCB, certain configurations are made such as those involving the size of the hole, its type, and its treatment after the drilling process is done.


When configuring the size of the hole, one considers the relation of the hole to the type of PCB it is going to be drilled into. The thickness of the board and the material it is made of is crucial in order for the mechanical capability of the machine not to be exceeded. This factor is called the aspect ratio. Once the aspect ratio is determined, the drilling machine to be used for the PCB can be selected.


There are instances where the hole needed to be drilled is so small that a laser drill is considered for use. Laser drills are now being utilized as an essential PCB fabrication tool when creating what is called a via. This is the connection of two pads in different layers of the PCB through a drilled hole. There are different types of via. One is called a microvia – this type is used to accommodate high input and output density, usually found in portable devices such as cell phones. Another type is a blind via which is simply a whole that is exposed only to one side of the PCB. Lastly is the thermal via which carries heat away from a power device; this via is usually grouped in dozens.


Such a PCB fabrication method involving lasers is only done by manufacturing companies and carried out mostly with PCBs that need a lot of holes drilled into them in a short time. In most cases, one won’t need such technology to drill holes in a PCB. There are still some tools that can be obtained and modified to be used as a PCB drilling tool. One simply needs a small motor, a piece of plastic or any solid piece to be placed on the tip of the motor, a drilling piece and some wires to connect the motor to a power supply.


Take note however, that in drilling holes into the PCB, the drill doesn’t always have to rotate at the fastest possible speed. Depending on the PCB, one may need for the drill to spin slower to avoid damaging or destroying it completely or one may need it to spin faster for the drill to actually make a hole in the PCB. With that said, one must find a motor with an adjustable speed or some other method to make the drill’s speed adjustable.


Producing PCBs isn’t as simple as many believe it to be. After all, lots of factors need to be taken into account – size is just one of them.

A Crash Course in Choosing the Right Garden City NY Real Estate

Garden City, NY real estate properties are for anyone to buy. This New York City suburb is located at the heart of Nassau County. This is just a 25- to 30-minute drive from the hustle and bustle of uptown Manhattan, New York.


Real estate properties in Garden City, New York vary greatly, too. There are cheaper coop homes and then there are the expensive luxury homes. There are also condominiums. You can take your pick from among those offered should you decide to buy one for your family or for yourself, for more detail visit site.


There are many things you should consider and think about before you buy a new property up in Garden City. The first of it is your finances.


How do you finance the home you want to buy if you do not have enough monetary resources in the first place? It is important to have a budget before you or anyone else invests on a new property. You should know what kind of home you can afford and avoid those that you can’t afford.


Having the down payment for the house you want ready is also important. This can make purchasing the property easier. Make sure that you have a high credit score or rating. This will entitle you to home loans you may use if you cannot afford the cost even with the stable income and savings you have.


Real estateAside from securing the right amount of finances for the Garden City NY real estate property you’ve set your sites on, it is also important to check on its location. Real estate property buyers often check on this. Is the property near the school where the family’s kids can attend grade school, middle and high school and more? Is the hospital nearby? Are there any grocery stores or convenience stores near the property? These are all for the sake of convenience and contentment, too. You have to be close to these places because they are important to ensure your health and safety and that of your family’s as well.


Of course, the type of property should be considered as well. Do you need a big space for your family? A mid-sized luxury home may be within your budget. There are some of these that are around 1,000,000 US dollars. If you want a modest home, the single-family ones are cheap. Their price range should be from 500,000 US dollars to 900,000 US dollars. They rarely go up from that in terms of prices. For those who have small families, condominiums and apartments might be enough. They are relatively cheaper than luxury homes yet are still luxurious inside and outside.


So before you decide to buy a new Garden City NY real estate property, decide on all of these three first so that you may not have trouble acquiring it.

Clones as Legit Discount Golf Clubs

Much has been said about the proliferation of fake “discount golf clubs” in order for entities who sell them to make a quick buck while inducing despair on unsuspecting customers. However, there is a phenomenon in the world of golf where penny-pinching golfers can still get high-quality clubs at prices they can afford. This phenomenon is the clone golf club.


The differences between clones and fakes are far and wide. While clones share the same basic designs and material compositions with the big guys, they never attempt to completely replicate their looks, builds, and feels and repeatedly fail in the process like fakes do. Instead, the manufacturers of clone clubs put their own spins on existing clubs using their own brands of research and development. Clone clubs are also carefully made with the best quality materials available by professionals who are knowledgeable in their craft and do not simply steal from top-secret blueprints. This way, clone manufacturers respect the intellectual property rights of major golf club manufacturers.


Discount golf clubsGolfers who are conscious about getting the latest technologies while still keeping affordability in mind will rest easy with clones. Because clone manufacturers are constantly improving just like the big guys, these golfers will have peace of mind, knowing that they will be more confident in their swings with innovations coming from clone clubs.


Another beauty of legit clone discount golf clubs is that they come with lots of customization options while ordering them. This is especially useful for golfers who have any of the following characteristics: a height of more than 6 feet tall, a beginner skill level, a lack of confidence in their swings, and unusual approaches to swinging the clubs. The craftsmen will their best for their clubs to fit their customers’ exact specifications. For this reason alone, legit clone discount golf clubs are also called custom golf clubs.


Customization is not just rife in clone clubs, but also in other clone golf gear. Golf balls are a prominent example. Many golf balls can stamped with corporate logos for use in company-sponsored golf tournaments and as corporate giveaways or with photos of, for example, the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend for the golfer to take out his or her frustrations on.Golf bags are also viable for customization. They can have customized emblems in order to easily recognize their owners as well as serve as statements of their owners’ other preferences besides the game of golf.


Brand-conscious golfers who are desperate enough to get fakes may end up being the laughingstock of fellow golfers. Sure, their clubs have the name and logo on it, but the real acid test only happens when they swing their clubs. Their heads will easily fly off, the ball will take off at slower speeds and higher spin rates, the ball will end up somewhere other than the intended spot, the grip on their fake shafts is flimsier, and their weighting is abnormal, since there are no adjustable parts to begin with. A golfer who patronizes clone clubs will have an easier time impressing his or her friends even when no major brand names are stamped on them.


The manufacturers of clone discount golf clubs usually have the following characteristics: they are legally based in the US or Europe, they are small-scale companies, they do not use middlemen,they will always respond quickly to customer inquiries, and they are dreaming big to join the ranks of major golf brands. They only joined the world of golf due to their love of the game, and they want to share their passion to others without the exorbitant prices that come with the sport.

Beauty of legit clone discount golf clubs is that they come with lots of customization options while ordering them.

The Badge Lanyards Popularity Crisis

Sometimes, popularity is everything to a high school student. They have to have the newest technology, the expensive and trendy clothes, and the best school accessories and supplies. Badge lanyards themed with catchy phrases or the greatest movie or TV show titles swing from their key chains, and the cute charms jingle obnoxiously from the girls’ shiny bracelets. The guys run around with famous logo baseball caps and the newest sneakers on the market.


One girl, while hanging out with her friends in the school cafeteria before class, complained of her encounter with one of the more snobby popular kids the previous day. He had snubbed her, laughing at her cartoon themed badge lanyard and ribbons tied to her backpack. She wondered if it was even possible to express her likes and interests without getting picked on, but her friends did not have positive answers for her.


badge lanyardsThe girl spent the rest of the week surveying the other students who did not quite fit into the popular kid scene. She was sad to hear the many stories that depicted the popular kids degrading and tearing at bags, clothes, and accessories that they deemed to be beneath them. One student had a similar story to the girl’s, having had a little kid’s cartoon themed badge lanyard, before a couple of popular kids ripped it off his messenger bag and threw it in the trash.


She spent her weekend infuriated, but also drawing out a plan to help the kids being targeted by the student scum who called themselves popular. With her money saved from odd summer jobs, and a bit of help from her mother, she went out and bought three hundred and fifty badge lanyards themed with little kid’s TV shows and cartoons.


On Monday morning, the girl arrived at school a little more early than usually. She spent all of her time before class handing out the badge lanyards to the students who had suffered problems with the popular kids. She told the students to wear the badge lanyards around their necks or clipped onto their bags, and to only say one sentence to the popular kids who would inevitably harass them.

“I feel sorry for you.”

Many of the girl’s new found friends found that saying that, and only that, phrase to the popular kids seemed to confound, and eventually irritate them to no end. Some of the popular kids started avoiding their usual targets entirely, having been off put by their target’s use of only one phrase. No more were the pleads to stop, no more were the scared words asking to leave them alone.

And that bothered a lot of the popular kids.

“Bullies,” the girl said scornfully to her friends, “Will fall faster than any other structure if you take away what they rely and feed on. Superiority.”


The girl, quite proud of what she had accomplished over the past month, wore three new badge lanyards on her backpack. All of them were themed on cute little starry designs and nursery rhymes. She passed the popular kid who had previously degraded her choice in accessories, and she took the time to smile at him, asking if he liked her new badge lanyards.


The boy shrugged, turning away to stare out a window. And feeling quite smug about his reaction, the girl skipped down the hall and on out the door to her bus. It was going to be a great school year, she just knew it. Maybe, over the upcoming weekend, she would start working a little bit to save up for some more badge lanyards. She decided that the next round would focus on academic clubs.

Badge lanyards represent a fantastic value in the world of lanyards. This is the most economical lanyard style you can buy.

Common Storage Containers problems And The Solutions

Portable storage container units do have a lot of benefits but here’s the bottom line: problems can and will occur.Here are a few of the common problems encountered by portable storage container owners, and the remedies that they can apply to solve such problems.

Portable Storage ContainerIf you are one of those people who love seeing everything spotless, then rust could be such an eye-sore to you. Not only that, but if you simply let it alone and do nothing, the rusty parts of their containerscould actually be a lot more damaging than they think for these could turn into holes. Once holes exist on theportable storage container, the security of all the belongings kept inside could be at a great risk since the rest of the container could then be easily destroyed by anyone. Here’s what clients have to do. For rusting that is still manageable and could be considered minor, use a rusting solution right away! If there are already holes on the unit, then they’re going to have to get rid of that certain part already and have it be covered up with good quality metal.

Next thing on the list is the bad odor. This is very much possible, especially if there is no proper ventilation or if the storage units are not often opened. Chances are, microorganisms have already grown inside theirportable storage container without them even noticing! People should not underestimate such condition because this can be very dangerous, especially to their health. So to those who are having this issue, what they have to do is get themselves some disinfectant spray. Make sure that the disinfectant is capable of killing all those harmful microorganisms inside. After that, they could spray on some air freshener to make the odor a lot better and more tolerable for them.

Here’s another common problem—peeling paint! Clients all over the country find this issue very alarming, since it is quite unbearable to see paint that is wearing off.They need not to worry though, because it’s actually very easy to fix this. Clients just have to pay the hardware shop a visit and buy some paint.They can even choose which color or shade to use. After that, they can already go home and be all creative with theirportable storage containerunits.

Before proceeding to the next problem, it is just right to mention another fascinating use of storage units. Some people actually use these as living space. Now, it is very typical for storage containers to be constructed in a way wherein limited, or even no ventilation is available inside. The space is totally covered with metal, and the only opening that can be seen is, well, the door! For those who use such containers as their safe haven, then the remedy to follow is to simply cut off certain parts of the unit. These parts may serve as windows, or even additional doors. By doing so, proper ventilation inside the storage unit could be ensured.

The last problem that is going to be mentioned here is dirt. Of course, it is unavoidable to get the insides of those storage containers dirty. Dirt could very well be a part of life, already! Dealing with this is as easy as pie. Just get a broom, some mops, and get cleaning!

While some of those who use these containers are already on the process of dealing with all those unwanted problems that they encounter with their storage units, they should also make sure to maintain the cleanliness and spotlessness of their units.

Common Questions Asked in an Employee Engagement Survey

An employee engagement survey is a way for a company to track their employees’ commitment to their jobs and to the organization, providing an idea if those staff members are going to stay with the company or not. The information acquired from the employee engagement survey can then be used to improved weak areas of the organization in order to compel employees to have a healthier relationship with the company, to improve their drive to work with the organization, and to reduce attrition rate. Good and qualified people are hard to find and companies definitely want to keep those people within their ranks by giving them a comfortable working condition that will highly satisfy their professional and personal needs. Fortunately, by conducting regular employee engagement surveys and acting on the problem spots, you can achieve that goal.

This survey consists of a questionnaire that addresses different areas of the organization and the management system. As much as possible, questions must not be answered by a simple “yes” or “no”, but instead by a five-point scale. This may be in this format:

  • Strongly disagree
  • Disagree
  • Neutral
  • Agree
  • Strongly Agree

This scale can give a clearer picture of how an employee feels about a certain subject. Questions are also written as statements. To give you an idea, below are some of the areas and topics included in an employee engagement survey questionnaire.

Regarding Opportunities for Growth

Employee engagement surveyThe goal here is to assess if employees see any chance for professional development in the company. Anyone who is starting from an entry-level position definitely seeks to be promoted someday as a reward for his or her hard work. Such yearning is driven by the need for financial stability and, most of all, for personal satisfaction in terms of enhancing one’s career. If that opportunity is bleak, then there is a good chance that the employee will find it in another company. Sample questions here are as follows:

  • My work is challenging and rewarding.
  • My supervisor/manager highly supports my professional development.
  • I am provided with the training I need to meet the demands of my job.
  • My manager shows interest on my career advancement and gives me encouragement.

Regarding Work-Life Balance

A major factor in high attrition rates is the burnout experienced by good employees. Working long hours in a very stressful environment can bring a person to a point of giving up and finally resigning. Such is an unfortunate situation, especially if the employee has shown diligence and passion for his job. That passion, however, should not be taken advantage of. A company has the obligation to take care of its employees, not just by providing a high salary and good benefits, but by also ensuring that each employee enjoys a balanced life. Sample questions here are as follows:

  • The organization encourages a balance between work and personal life.
  • I am not given a workload that is beyond my capacity.
  • I am able to attend to my personal and professional obligations without sacrificing one for the other.
  • I am not continuously subjected to an unreasonable amount of stress in my job.

Other areas that may be covered in an employee engagement survey are fairness in the organization, accountability for poor performance, availability of resources that are necessary for the job, compensation, status of communication in all areas of the organization, and ability to express personal opinions, among others. The questionnaire often concludes with a list of statements that an employee should choose from, which will directly indicate his satisfaction and commitment. This type of survey may take days to complete, especially for large companies, but employees definitely welcome such activity because it is their chance to voice out how they truly feel about their jobs with the expectation that improvements will be implemented based on the results of the survey. are experts in all of the elements required for creating and conducting a highly effective surveys and assessments.